A multidisciplinary team meets to review all gathered information.

This team determines if the applicant meets the criteria for eligibility. If the applicant is found eligible, a meeting is held with all concerned parties to develop a Person Centered Plan. If the applicant is not eligible, appropriate community referrals and recommendations are made and our appeal procedures explained.

Early Start Eligibility (0-3 Years Old)

During the interview, the Intake Assistant screens the applicant’s need for Early Start services so that a concurrent referral can be made to the SCLARC Early Start Unit.

  • All persons suspected of having a developmental disability that are age 3.0 years and older are referred to the Intake Unit. All applicants under the age of 3.0 with developmental delays are referred to the Early Start Unit.
  • If the Intake Assistant determines that the applicant’s inquiry is clearly not appropriate for regional center services, the applicant is referred to another generic agency, when appropriate. The applicant referred is informed of their right to appeal and can also contact the Fair Hearing & Complaints Manager to initiate the appeals process (See page 30). A notation is made on the Interdisciplinary Note stating reasons why the applicant is inappropriate and where they were referred.

The determination of ineligibility of regional center services or a decision regarding the need for further assessments may be made by the Intake Assistant with supervisory approval at the time of contact when the applicant/family indicates no history of developmental disability per school, medical of family sources, or when the disability has a history of onset after age 18.

If the applicant is suspected of having a developmental disability at the time of the telephone interview, the Intake Assistant makes an appointment with an Intake Service Coordinator for a face-to-face psycho-social assessment.

Assessment Services

In determining if an applicant meets the definition of a developmental disability, the regional center may consider evaluations and tests including, but not limited to, intelligence tests, adaptive functioning tests, neurological and neuropsychological tests, diagnostic tests performed by physicians, psychiatric tests, and other tests or evaluations that are available from other sources.

Per Section 4643 of the Lanterman Developmental Services Act, the assessment shall be performed within 120 days following initial intake. Also, assessment is performed within 60 days following the initial intake where any delay would expose the applicant to unnecessary risk to their health and safety or would cause significant further delay in mental or physical development, or the applicant would be at imminent risk of placement in a more restrictive environment.

For more information contact (213) 744-8872

Lanterman Eligibility (3-years-old & Above)

Initial contact with the applicant is performed within 15 working days following a request for assistance and concludes with a decision to provide assessment services. A part of this initial process is the sharing of information and advice about the nature and availability of services provided by SCLARC and other agencies in the community. Included in this process is information on guardianship, income maintenance, mental health services, housing, education, work and vocational training, medical, dental, recreational and other services.

The intake process also includes an initial interview and an assessment to determine whether a person is eligible for services as defined in the Welfare & Institutions Code and Title 17 California Administrative Codes. The process starts with a request for services and may include a face-to-face interview along with procurement of historical data and an assessment to determine the proper diagnosis. Intake is completed when a determination is made regarding the person’s eligibility for regional center services.

Residency Requirements

Any person living within the SCLARC catchment area of Compton, San Antonio, South, Southeast or Southwest Health Districts of the County of Los Angeles is eligible to apply to SCLARC for initial intake, diagnostic and counseling services for themselves or another person for whom they are legally responsible. These services are available regardless of religion, ethnic origin, sex, degree of disability or the applicant’s ability to pay.

For more information contact (213) 744-8809