Additional Services

Non-Nursing Respite Service

Respite services are designed to assist the consumer or adult to remain in a supportive family system by relieving the family of continuous responsibility of caring for a consumer with developmental special needs.

Vendored individuals or Home Health Agencies may provide respite. Respite is not meant to serve as childcare for working parents, nor is it to be used for extended daycare.


Transportation can be funded in those situations where the consumer will not be able to use public transportation independently, and the family is unable to transport the consumer to an appropriate program. Transportation may not be provided or purchased when it is the responsibility of another generic agency, such as the public schools.

Family Support

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center provides many forms of assistance to families of our consumers. Here are just a few examples:

  • Organizing parent/sibling support group sessions that focus on resources and strategies for building empowerment and advocacy skills as well as managing day-to-day life with a child who has a disability.
  • Providing a community support liaison to assist in identification and referral to various support groups within the community that may match the needs of an individual family.
  • Informing and educating existing parent groups and support groups on advocacy and leadership organizations for parent groups throughout the area.
  • General ongoing training and information sessions that will empower families with information to assist in providing the utmost quality of life for their special family member.
  • Peer to Peer Support.
  • Prevention Parent Training Groups.