board member

Alfredo Farfan


Alfredo Farfan is also a proud parent of a SCLARC consumer diagnosed with Down syndrome. Mr. Farfan is a committed advocate for his son ensuring that he is receiving all the necessary services due him as it relates to his disability. He is passionately committed to acquiring knowledge on how to care for his son and give him the best life possible. Alfredo takes advantage of the trainings, play dates and events through SCLARC’s Family Resource Center and has actively networked with other parents. With his participation on SCLARC’s Board of Directors, Mr. Farfan would like to bring awareness to the larger community about Down syndrome and other disabilities as well as advocate for all persons with developmental disabilities. In the past, he has participated on the Human Services Association (HSA) board and is a member of the Down syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA). Alfredo is also an active member of Spirit Life Community Church in Norwalk.