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Javier Cortez

Board Member

Javier Cortez is a proud parent of two children who are served by SCLARC. He is a member of the Learning Rights Center and a founding member of SCLARC’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) which represents more than ten parent support groups throughout SCLARC’s service area. Over the years, Mr. Cortez has expanded and refined his knowledge and advocacy skills. Seeing first-hand the difficulties SCLARC consumers and families face motivates him to be an active advocate in his community. He and his wife, Alicia, have been very active in the community as founders of two Downey parent groups—Familias Sin Limites and Familias Unidas. With Mr. Cortez’s background in customer service and quality control, he understands the attention to detail required to deliver services to others. He believes that using his public relations skills will help to empower consumers and parents as better advocates for themselves and their loved ones.