board member

Jesus Murillo

Board Member

Jesus Murillo is a SCLARC parent and active community member. A skilled activist, he has been a union representative on behalf of employees for the city of South Gate and served as a board member for the South Gate Community Sports Association. These experiences have given him the opportunity to hone his skills as an advocate. Mr. Murillo also has a great knowledge of how SCLARC’s consumers interface with the educational and regional center systems. Through his experiences with his daughter, he has learned to navigate many different services systems. He is looking forward to using that information to help SCLARC with its outreach efforts and strategic planning. He wants to encourage other parents and promote an understanding of the regional center’s menu of service. In this way, they will know what is available to them during the different stages of their children’s lives. Most importantly, he says he wants to share the benefits of consumers living independently. Mr. Murillo is also a parent cheerleader in support of his daughter’s participation on SCLARC’s baseball team, the “Advengers.”