Welcome to South Central Los Angeles Regional Center’s (SCLARC) website.

As an agency, SCLARC is charged with the critical tasks of raising awareness about the challenges people diagnosed with developmental disabilities face. Our goal is to provide quality services for our consumers and their families which will enable them to lead richer, fuller lives. We also seek to educate the larger community about the critical issues impacting our consumers and their families.

We invite the communities within our service area to join us as we form a circle of support around those we serve. The impact of your support will have a rippling effect that will not only elevate, uplift and empower, it will help to shatter any preconceived notions held about persons with developmental disabilities. Together, we will focus on our consumers “abilities” to live the most productive and vibrant lives possible.

Again, welcome.

Dexter A. Henderson (CEO Bio)
CEO, Executive Director