clinical services

Clinical Services has the primary responsibility for providing diagnostic, evaluative and assessment services.

Technical assistance, consultation, training and education are also provided to developmentally disabled consumers and their families, regional center staff, community specialists and care providers. Additionally, the division provides special programs aimed at wellness.

Clinical Resource Directories & Guides

Specialized Services Unit (SSU)

In July of 2003, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center created the Specialized Services Unit, which is housed within SCLARC’s Consumer and Program Services Department. The Unit was established to respond to a variety of consumer needs and is made up of a variety of components including:

  • Case Management for judicially involved consumers
  • Consumers who are placed in Developmental Centers (DC)
  • Consumers who have transitioned from Developmental Centers to the community. Additionally, the Deflection Coordinator facilitates interventions to deflect or prevent consumers from incarceration or DC placement

The Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL), who is housed at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, is responsible for providing preliminary assessments of inmates suspected of being developmentally disabled, on behalf of the seven Los Angeles County Regional Centers. The LEL refers eligible consumers to the appropriate Regional Center to complete the intake process. The LEL also participates in the SCLARC intake process by completing the psychosocial assessment and attending core staffing which determines eligibility.

A Placement Coordinator who assists case managers in SSU as well as case managers in SCLARC’s Department of Children and Adult Services to identify appropriate residential placements for consumers.The Placement Coordinator is also the liaison to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for obtaining current documentation from case management staff for DDS conserved consumers. Finally, this position is responsible for interfacing with Transfer Secretaries and facilitating the transfer of cases to and from SCLARC and other regional centers.