Consultant: Psychologist

Position Title: CONTRACT: Psychologist

Job Classification: Contract

Title of Immediate Supervisor: Chief of Clinical

Position Objective/Summary: The specific job duties are as follows: Psychologist Contractor will meet with regional center applicants, consumers and caregivers at the regional center and/or in the home or community to provide a psychological assessment for the purposes of determining or re-determining regional center eligibility; complete an assessment report detailing findings of the psychological assessment; consult with Staff Psychologists and/or members of the eligibility team on findings when requested; discuss findings with applicants, consumers and families when requested; participate in the fair hearing process to defend their findings when requested.

Minimum Qualification Required For This Position: Psychologist Contractor must have a Doctorate Degree in psychology and be licensed by the state of California. Contractor must have experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Contractor must also have experience working with administering various cognitive and achievement tests as well as administering measures which assess adaptive functioning. Contractor must be familiar with the diagnosis of Autism and have experience using measures which will tease out the differences between Autism, ADHD, and other mental health issues. Bilingual/Spanish skills are a plus.

Salary Range: $380-$600 (depends on type of assessment/site)