family resource center

One of South Central Los Angeles Regional Center’s most important components and resources is the Family Resource Center (FRC).

The FRC staff places much needed attention on the family strengthening/community-building aspects of our mission. The FRC supports families of children who are at risk for or who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. The Family Resource Center is funded in collaboration with SCLARC and Federal (Part C) funds, made available through a contract with DDS, Early Start Program, contract #390019.

The FRC provides a wide range of services including:

  • A help-line to provide parents and caregivers with community resources, information, referrals, and in English and Spanish
  • One-to-one peer counseling support to families and caregivers
  • Ongoing educational sessions and training for parents and professionals
  • Ongoing outreach and public awareness to the community
  • A lending library with special needs bibliography, brochures, videos and community resources
  • A toy loan library with typical and adapted toys
  • Parent support groups
  • Play Dates

The South Central Los Angeles Regional Center/Family Resource Center serves as a central point of contact for consumers of all ages, including infants and toddlers, families of children with special needs, service providers, community-based agencies and organizations. We offer family focused information, referrals, support, and training to promote family empowerment. These services are responsive to the community’s ethnic diversity.

Our Goals

  • To facilitate the provision of parent to parent support services
  • To provide resources, training and support to families caring for children with special needs
  • To provide family-focused information, which empower consumers and families to make informed choices and decisions
  • To enhance collaboration between parents and professionals