Jesse Rocha

Director, Consumer & Support Services

Mr. Rocha began his career with SCLARC in 1997 as a Service Coordinator and worked in that capacity until 2003. At that time, Mr. Rocha was promoted to the position of Fair Hearing & Complaints Coordinator until 2004. As Fair Hearing Coordinator, he held informal mediations, participated in state level hearings, met mandated time frames for responding to hearing requests and informed staff of legislation as it pertained to individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability.

In 2004, Jesse was promoted to Program Manager, supervising a staff of 15 service coordinators. In addition to these duties, he was very instrumental in the implementation of the Virtual Chart system, a new computer program designed to improve efficiencies in Regional Centers Case Management efforts. In 2008, Mr. Rocha was named Assistant Director where he supervised four managers and worked with other departments to develop and implement the new Smart Chart case management program which is intended to help the agency stay in compliance with yearly mandated changes under state law. Mr. Rocha also assisted the Director of Consumer and Support Services with the daily operations of the department to ensure compliance with all departmental mandates. While in this role, Mr. Rocha represented the agency and worked collaboratively with external stakeholders within the community and developed professional relationships with multiple generic resources.

As the new Director of the Consumer Support Services, Mr. Rocha will lead management staff and support services for over 14,000 consumers and their families. Mr. Rocha will provide oversight to 14 case management units including residential placement, special incident/risk mitigation team. Mr. Rocha will also be responsible for serving as the point of contact for internal and external federal audits, attend and participate in Board of Director Meetings and appropriate state and local agency committees, work in conjunction with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to establish policies and programs. Mr. Rocha will maintain relationships with other agencies and organizations in the community to further meet the needs and services of our stakeholders.

Mr. Rocha attended and received his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology from California State University, Northridge and his Masters of Science in Health Care Management from California State University, Los Angeles.