The PAC updates SCLARC on various parent group activities. To participate in PAC, parent groups should have a membership of at least 20 participants who meet monthly, every other month or quarterly. Of those parent groups that qualify, they are required to select one rep and one alternate to interface with SCLARC’s Leadership Team on a monthly to discuss community needs, program and resource development. To date, 8 parent groups have qualified; 5 participate regularly. Together, these 5 parent groups represent approximately 1,000 SCLARC consumers. Each parent group receives a yearly stipend in the amount of $500 to help with costs associated with guest speakers, meeting space rentals, office supplies, and printing or copying.

SCLARC’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings are held as follows:

WHERE: South Central Los Angeles Regional Center

2500 S. Western Avenue, LA CA 90018.

WHEN: The third Monday of each month.

TIME: 10 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.

For more information on the Parent Advisory Council, contact Valeria Salceda at 417.313.6252 or