Roy Doronila

Chief Financial Officer & Administrator

Roy Doronila joined SCLARC in January 2009 with almost three decades of Regional Center fiscal experience. He served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief of Administration Services for North Bay, Alta and San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Centers respectively. He returned to his So Cal roots after a successsful three-year tenure in Northern California in order to put his expertise to work on behalf of SCLARC’s stakeholders.

Mr. Doronila provides fiscal management of SCLARC’s Operations and Purchase of Service budgets, while overseeing the daily administrative and accounting activities of the agency. His duties include general accounting, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, MIS operations, and facilities management. Additionally, he analyzes the costs associated with service delivery, conducts internal audits, and, with a staff of 28, Mr. Doronila keeps SCLARC’s community informed about current financial, administrative, and Information Technology (IT) trends. Mr. Doronila brings his vast fiscal knowledge to the agency’s Leadership Team, thereby enhancing SCLARC’s short-term and long range planning.