vendor FAQ’s

What is the difference between licensing and vendorization?

Licensing is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Social Services (Title 22 Regulations) and vendoring is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Developmental Services (Title17). Both address issues related to staffing, programming, training, etc. Licensing also ensures that the facility meets requirements to ensure that the physical plant is safe and appropriate to serve consumers. A Regional Center cannot vendor a program or facility that requires a license, i.e. a residential facility, child or adult day care, etc. Once the program is licensed and they meet all of the requirements as stated in Titles 17 and 22, then the Regional Center can contract or “vendor” the program and pay the program to provide services to Regional Center consumers.

My facility is in Laguna Hills; can I be vendored by SCLARC?

No. There are 21 Regional Centers in the state of California, and each Regional Center has a specific geographic area that is serves. Laguna is in Orange County Regional Center’s area. Only the Regional Center that covers the geographic area that your program is located in can vendor you and is responsible for ensuring that you provide quality services. Once you are vendored, however, any Regional Center may use your services. If you call any Regional Center, they can assist you in contacting the Regional Center in your area.

I have a large house that will accommodate 6 or more consumers. Can I be vendored for 6 or more?

No. In keeping with SCLARC’s philosophy to provide consumers with a home-like environment, facilities will be vendored for a maximum of 4 beds only.

I have experience in providing services to adults and/or children with emotional problems such as depression, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses.Can I be vendored by the Regional Center?

Title 17 states that you must also have experience in providing direct services to persons with developmental disabilities. A person with a developmental disability is diagnosed with mental retardation, epilepsy, autism, or cerebral palsy.

Who should I contact if I am interested in providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities?

Contact the Regional Center in your area to determine if you are qualified and to let the Regional Center know what type of program or service you are interested in providing.

I have had a vacancy in my program/facility for a long time. Why don’t I receive referrals?

There may be a variety of reasons such as:

  • There may be many programs in SCLARC’s area similar to yours and consumers/families are given the opportunity to select the program of their choice.
  • Consumers/families may select a program/facility that is close to where they live.
  • Some programs may offer unique services that others don’t.

The consumers I have in my residential facility require a lot of services. Why can’t I receive a higher rate?

Each residential facility is assigned a rate, pursuant to Title 17, based on many factors, including but not limited to the experience of the administrator, documentation, staffing ratios, etc. An Administrator also has the right to consult with the referring Regional Center to ensure that the facility can meet the needs of the consumer based on the facility service level.