Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy – What Does It Mean?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a broad diagnostic term used to describe issues with movement and posture that makes certain activities difficult. Simply stated, “cerebral” refers to the brain, and “palsy” refers to muscle weakness as this relates to low tone for many and poor control. Cerebral Palsy is related to weakness and tightness of muscles and it affects a spectrum of body segments.

Many children with CP are not diagnosed in the newborn period. However, most are diagnosed in the first 2 years of life. Anyone with Cerebral Palsy can receive services from SCLARC as long as the diagnosis occurs before age 18.

Signs of Cerebral Palsy

Infants with cerebral palsy are often slow to roll over, sit, crawl, or walk. They may also experience excessive drooling or difficulty eating. The signs of cerebral palsy vary greatly (due to different levels of disability), but the primary sign is a delay reaching motor or movement milestones.

If you see any of the signs described below, please call your pediatrician or primary care provider.

Children over
two months old

  • Difficulty controlling head when picked up
  • Stiff legs that cross or “scissor” position when picked up

Children over
six months old

  • Continued difficulty controlling head when picked up
  • Reaching with only one hand while keeping the other hand in a fist

Children over
10 months old

  • Crawling by pushing off with one hand and leg while dragging the opposite hand and leg
  • Not sitting by himself or herself

Children over
12 months old

  • Not crawling
  • Not able to stand with support

Children over
24 months old

  • Not walking
  • Not able to push a toy with wheels

How Can SCLARC Help?

SCLARC is a resource provider for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

We provide:

  • Intake Assessment
  • Evaluations
  • Trainings
  • Case Management Services

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center (SCLARC) provides education, assessment, training and services in the communities of South Los Angeles, Watts, Leimert Park, Florence/Firestone, West Adams, and the cities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Compton, Cudahy, Downey, Huntington Park, Lynwood, Maywood, Vernon, South Gate, North Carson, Gardena, and Paramount.